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  • Jesus Skeptic : A Journalist Explores The Credibility And Impact Of Christi


    Award-winning journalist and pastor answers young adults’ questions with clear and compelling evidence for the historical Jesus and the timeless influence of his teaching, presenting Christianity as the greatest force for social good in history.

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  • Glad News : God Loves You My Muslim Friend


    The ideal book for leading Muslims to Christ

    With over 100,000 copies sold in eleven languages, Glad News! has helped bring hundreds (if not thousands) of Muslims to Christ.

    Answering Muslims’ biggest questions about Christianity, Glad News! shares Jesus and His teachings with Muslims in the clearest and most attractive, convincing ways, all without compromise. It also equips Christians to understand the common sticking points that Muslims have about Christianity so they can share Jesus more effectively.

    Muslim readers of Glad News! will:
    *Encounter the beauty and legitimacy of the Christian faith
    *Receive answers to their most burning questions
    *Grapple with evidence that proves Jesus is more than a prophet
    *Know all that they need to for believing in Jesus as their Lord and Savior

    The gap between Muslims and Christians is wide, as are the many cultural gaps that may exist between them. Glad News! will bridge those gaps, giving Christians insight into Muslim convictions and language for dialoguing about matters of faith and belief.

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  • Christian Apologetics Past And Present 2


    Rich with primary sources, volume 2 of this anthology covers Christian apologetics from the Reformation (AD 1500) through the present. Amid a revival of apologetics, “few things could be more useful than an acquaintance with how Christian faith was defended down through the ages,” say the editors in their introduction to this two-part anthology. “Access to both historical and contemporary texts gives us fresh insight into how our fathers in the faith responded to the questions facing them.” Volume 2 in this one-of-a-kind resource takes a sweeping look at apologetics from the Reformation to the present. Readings from twenty-six apologists, including Martin Luther, John Calvin, Blaise Pascal, Jonathan Edwards, Søren Kierkegaard, Francis Schaeffer, Alvin Plantinga, and William Lane Craig are included. With editorial commentary and questions for reflection, Christian Apologetics Past and Present will prove a valuable text for students as well as a unique resource for those interested in defending the faith.

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  • Real Origin Of The Species


    This book offers positive proof of God’s existence, and leads the reader into a closer relationship with God.

    For Christian readers who already believe in God, this book will strengthen their faith, and provide them with a totally new way to explain and share their faith.
    Christian parents whose children are being taught the Theory of Evolution at school will want their children to read this book. Not only does it teach the Biblical alternative, but it does so in a clear and convincing manner that even teenagers can understand.
    This book is also a powerful witnessing tool, and can be shared with those who are not yet believers. It will lead them to the truth and to faith in Jesus Christ. The unbeliever will have a firm foundation upon which to build his or her faith.

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  • Ellen White Under Fire


    During her lifetime, Ellen White withstood wave upon wave of personal criticisms. Yet the historical records confirm her as a person of integrity, and her writings confirm her loyalty to the Bible. In Ellen White Under Fire, Dr. Jud Lake provides a comprehensive assessment of Ellen White critics, past and present, as well as her defenders – all the while building confidence in her prophetic gift.

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