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  • Fighter


    At the age of twelve, Piari already had a number of kills under his belt. The strategy, skill, and thrill of the fight charmed him. He loved the fight. He lived for it. That was his life-Piari, fighter! Piari, warrior!

    Set in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the 1940s and 1950s, this is the story of a tribal warrior. Whether in ancient times or modern, the role of the warrior that goes into battle is often glorified. But when it comes to recognizing true bravery, often the highest awards and accolades go to those who have risked their lives in order to save others.

    Piari was such a warrior. Though he started out thirsting for the kill, he ultimately traded his weapons for a Bible and tribal skirmishes for a real battle-the battle between good and evil. And this makes Piari the bravest warrior of all.

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  • Restless Missionary


    SKU (ISBN): 9781479600878Virgil RobinsonBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2013Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc. Print On Demand Product

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  • Vietnams Christians : A Century Of Growth In Adversity


    In 1975, Vietnam, united under communism, fell behind a bamboo curtain. Many feared the worst for churches there. But fifteen years later, churches, especially among Vietnam’s ethnic minority mountain peoples, suddenly exploded in number and vitality.

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  • Hope That Springs Eternal


    Esther Recinos has a passion for people and a love for her adopted country of Guatemala, “The Land of Eternal Spring.” Although Esther was born in the United States, when she was a little girl her parents moved south of the border to become missionaries in Mexico and Guatemala. Esther fell in love with the landscape, the people, and the adventure there-and she easily adopted Guatemala as her second home. Hope That Springs Eternal is the life story of an adventurous girl who grew up to become a woman of God with a heart for helping others and sharing Jesus’ love with those around her. The book is full of thrilling stories about Esther’s childhood and adulthood. Severe illnesses, clinic duty and nursing responsibilities, kidnappings, guerrilla warfare, love and marriage, evangelistic meetings, and jungle treks are just a few of the many stories that reveal God’s divine protection and guidance in the mission field of Guatemala. Experience the sights and sounds, pain and sorrow, and hope and salvation in the Central American country of Guatemala through the eyes of Esther Recinos in Hope That Springs Eternal.

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  • Guides Greatest Mission Stories


    SKU (ISBN): 9780828025010Editor: Lori PeckhamBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 2009Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing

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  • Best Ever Mission Stories 2


    In book two of this series you will find examples of many ordinary young people who dare to do extraordinary things for God and others. Adventist children from all over the world have helped others learn about Jesus. Join Harmony, Jeremy, Jenisah, and 23 others, as they share the love of Christ in their families, their neighborhoods, and around the world.

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  • Loving Them Back Leeading Them Home


    Why do they leave?

    Is there anything the church can do to prevent them from turning away, or to bring them back once they’ve left? Is there anything I can do?

    You probably know people who have left the church. Maybe you know why they walked away, but more likely you don’t. But you do care. And that’s why this book is in your hands.

    Barry Gane explores the reasons so many young people decide to leave, considers the complexities of the adolescent mind, addresses the stages of faith development, and offers effective strategies for reclaiming missing youth.

    A word of caution: Read this book only if you’re willing to take action. Wooing young people back to the church will cost you time and energy, and demand significant change-just as it did the shepherd Jesus told us about who braved the dark night to find one lost sheep

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  • Curse Proof


    A little woman with a rope in her hand sprang from the verandah and ran screaming into the forest.

    “Look, look, it’s mother!” screamed the two sisters. “She’s going into the jungle to hang herself!”

    They gave a withering look at their brother, Maung Thein, and shouted, “It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! You’ve driven your mother mad, and if she commits suicide, we’ll call you a murderer!”

    The village people gathered and asked, “Why don’t you undo it? Why don’t you undo this baptism?”

    You’ll be inspired by this story of a young man’s unshakeable faith. Although some of the incidents recorded have been mentioned in other volumes, this is the first time the full story of Maung Thein has been made available in a stand-alone book.

    This is a never-before published storybook by one of the church’s most beloved authors and storytellers, Eric B. Hare. After many years his daughter-in-law, Patti Hare, found his handwritten manuscript and carefully transcribed it, and submitted it for publication.

    Although Eric B. and Agnes Hare are asleep in Jesus, their legacy of mission service captured in stories on audio recordings and in books has continued to promote faithfulness to Christ in Adventists around the world and across the generations.

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  • Mission Miracles : God Works In Dangerous And Difficult Places


    David Gates lay awake at night agonizing about the $1.4 million due in a short time. Had they been wrong to write the check knowing that there was no money yet to cover it? Hadn’t God provided time and time again in establishing their work even though they made no solicitations for funds?

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  • Organizing For Mission And Growth


    The founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church believed church organization was evil. But eventually the need for a credentialed ministry, the need to maintain doctrinal unity, and the need to own property resulted in the formal organization of the church in 1863. Here’s the fascinating behind-the-scenes story.

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  • More Amazing True Mission Stories


    A second collection of remarkable mission stories from around the world. God still works miracles today. This follow-up to Zachary’s first Amazing True Mission Stories book proves it.

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  • Jungle Heroes : Mission Stories From The Master Storyteller


    A classic collection of Eric. B. Hare’s favorite stories from the teeming jungles of Burma (known today as Myamar) – a land of tigers and elephants, riverboats and oxcarts, witch doctors and true heroes of the living God.

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  • Best Amazing True Mission Stories


    Amazing True Mission Stories
    James H. Zachary

    Price: US $8.99 Quantity

    Paperback Book 96 pages
    Pacific Press Publishing Association ISBN: 0816319820

    An inspiring collection of thrilling, true mission stories

    The day of miracles is not past. From Africa to America, from the South Pacific islands to Siberia, miracles are taking place as God works to bring individuals to Himself.

    In Amazing True Mission Stories you’ll read about:

    the criminals who demanded at gun point that they be allowed to hear the gospel preached;
    an army of bees who saved a church;
    a band of robbers whose hands started shaking uncontrollably whenever they tried to open the bag of money they had stolen_and how this led to their baptism.
    You’ll read about prayers answered, dreams fulfilled, and lives changed. You’ll witness faith rewarded, persecution endured, and hatred transformed into love. These stories will build your faith and cause your heart to soar as you realize anew God’s personal interest and activity in the here and now of daily life.

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  • Fire On The Mountain


    A classic story of good versus evil

    Saksee clung to the old ways of his tribe. Drums, drinking, dancing –these things pleased him. He tried to push out of his mind all thoughts of Rajin’s God. But Saksee could not quiet the voice speaking to his heart! Many of the people — even his own family — were turning to this God who brings love, happiness, and healing. Afraid and in pain, Saksee calls out to the One his heart longs to know. His tiny mustard seed of faith begins to grow.

    In this mission adventure, first published 40 years ago, Norma Youngberg weaves a classic story about the struggle between good and evil in every heart. It’s a story that’s as fresh as ever for a new generation of young readers. With illustrations and vivid word pictures, Fire on the Mountain tells of a God so loving that no place is too far for Him to find – and no soul is too lost for Him to save.

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  • Mission Pilot : High Adventure In Dangerous And Heavenly Places


    Who knew flying and living for Jesus could be such a rush!

    The adventures of David Gates–aviator, nurse, computer specialist, and missionary– prove that there’s no more exciting place on earth than in the will of God. Whether hijacked and imprisoned in a Mexican jail, touching down his airplane on remote jungle airstrips, escaping ambush and certain death in Peruvian alleyways, flying critically-ill malaria patients out of the Guyana jungle, or contending with venomous snakes, David and his wife Becky experience miracle after miracle in this modern-day story of mission service.

    Eileen Lantry’s exciting work allows readers to participate in David’s high calling. An adrenaline-pumping, honest and sometimes humorous book about a man passionate to follow his Lord wherever he leads, Mission Pilot will take you to dangerous and heavenly places where God still needs willing servants with a thirst for adventure.

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  • Just Plane Crazy


    This is the wonderfully fun, true story of three boys’ adventures one summer as they attempt to raise enough money to buy a mission plane. Rick, Tim, and Marcus are obsessed with flying. So much so that they decide to begin raising money for a real mission plane. With their allowance only trickling in, they set out to earn as much as possible. The adventures mount as they attempt to secure the needed fortune as fur trappers, hang glider manufacturers, and breeders. It is unbelievable they survive, let alone come away with any mission money. You’ll love this story of chasing dreams, staring danger in the eye, and becoming a little more grown up.

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  • Christian Service


    SKU (ISBN): 9780828017329Ellen WhiteBinding: Cloth TextPublisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association

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  • Brief History Of Seventh Day Adventists


    Millerite Roots
    Era Of Doctrinal Development
    Era Of Organizational Development
    Era Of Institutional And Lifestyle Development
    Era Of Revival, Reform, And Expansion
    Era Of Reorganization And Crisis
    Era Of Worldwide Growth
    The Challenges And Possibilities Of Maturity

    Additional Info
    Adventism–What does it stand for?
    Where did it come from? Where it is heading?

    These and other questions form the backdrop for George R. Knight’s fast-reading but informative treatment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

    From the denomination’s founding to the present, A Brief History of Seventh-day Adventists takes its readers step-by-step through the development of the church. At the focal point is the missiological burden that literally propelled Adventism into every corner of the earth.

    A Brief History fills the important need of providing a short but accurate history of Adventism that can be appreciated by church members and nonmembers alike. It provides an excellent starting place for the study of Seventh-day Adventism.

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