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Science and Faith

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  • Understanding Creation : Answers To Questions On Faith And Science


    “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” (Romans 1:20, NIV).

    For centuries, Western culture operated within the context of a Christian worldview. For this reason, the answer to any question was anchored in the belief that God exists and is the Creator and Sustainer of all, and that the Bible is a trustworthy revelation of God. Many of the founders of modern science, including Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Pascal, Boyle, Newton, and Halley, were believers of those central concepts.

    During the past 200 years, our culture, particularly the scientific community, has been moving away from the Christian worldview, and assuming a naturalistic stance that discounts any supernatural intervention in the origin, functioning, and maintenance of our world. As a result, two opposing philosophical views contend for allegiance today.

    Understanding Creation articulates twenty questions about faith and science that Christians often encounter. The co-editors have assembled an international group of experienced scientists, researchers, and thinkers who provide thoughtful answers to these questions. They all share several convictions: the biblical record is an essential component of Christian doctrine; Christian faith and empirical science can work fruitfully together; and our comprehension of truth is progressive

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  • Real Origin Of The Species


    This book offers positive proof of God’s existence, and leads the reader into a closer relationship with God.

    For Christian readers who already believe in God, this book will strengthen their faith, and provide them with a totally new way to explain and share their faith.
    Christian parents whose children are being taught the Theory of Evolution at school will want their children to read this book. Not only does it teach the Biblical alternative, but it does so in a clear and convincing manner that even teenagers can understand.
    This book is also a powerful witnessing tool, and can be shared with those who are not yet believers. It will lead them to the truth and to faith in Jesus Christ. The unbeliever will have a firm foundation upon which to build his or her faith.

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  • Creation And Evolution


    The debate is heating up! Did a loving God create this earth or are we the random product of millions of years of natural selection? Is the Bible teaching of a literal six-day creation viable, given the scientific evidence pointing toward evolution? Or can both theories be successfully blended into one?

    Take a look at the evidence, prayerfully search your heart, and then draw your own conclusions. The fact is that since no one was there “in the beginning,” both theories of origin require faith-a perfect requirement for the one who wants to know the truth about the beginning . . . and the ending.

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  • Science Discovers God


    Does God exist?

    Did a Master Designer create our universe, or did life spontaneously evolve? Can science retain objectivity in the search for truth while allowing for the possibility that God exists? Does it make any difference?

    Ariel A. Roth, scientist and Christian believer, examines key issues related to the “God question”:

    the intricate organization of matter in the universe
    the precision of the forces of physics
    the complexity of the eye and the brain
    the elaborate genetic code
    the disparity between the fossil record and the vast amount of time necessary for evolution

    Faced with so much evidence that seems to require a God in order to explain what we find in nature, why does the scientific community remain silent about God? Hypotheses and speculations that attempt to fit data into a predetermined conclusion abound. What overriding influence prevents scientists from following the data of nature wherever it may lead?

    Does God exist? This question simply will not go away-and science itself is providing the answer.

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  • Beginnings : Are Science And Scripture Partners In The Search For Origins


    Life’s always more complicated than you expect it to be.

    It’s been that way since the beginning!

    Scientific theories that present simple answers to the age-old question “Where did I come from” usually prove inadequate.

    This book many not provide all the simple answers we might wish we had about the relationship between science and the Bible, but it does introduce us to the kind of questions that need to be asked. Questions such as, Is it possible to believe in both the Bible and microevolution? Does natural selection ever produce more advanced life forms?

    Whether you’re a “short-chronology interventionist,” a “long-chronology creationist,” a believer in “intelligent design,” or a dyed-in-the-wool evolutionist, you’ll find thought-provoking questions and answers here.

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  • Origin By Design


    In search of evidence for design, the authors leave no stone unturned. After surveying the Genesis creation and flood narratives, they examine coal beds, fossil tracks, mass extinctions, glaciation, volcanism, carbon-14 dating, rates of mutation, and Neanderthal man, looking for clues to the age and origin of life on earth.

    Analysis of the geologic column reveals anomalies that suggest a catastrophic flood. Thin, flat -lying beds extend without erosion for hundreds of miles. Thick layers supposedly laid down over millions of years are inexplicably graded, bottom to top, from coarse to fine. Beds of perfectly preserved freshwater and saltwater fish lie buried together. What does it mean? What caused giant ripple marks in the sediments 30 feet high with wave lengths of 200 feet? What buried vast fields of dinosaurs in place rapidly enough to avoid disintegration? Why are the world”s major river deltas only 5,000 years old? Why have the continents not eroded to sea level many times over?

    With copious illustrations this updated revision of a standard work incorporates new advances in plate tectonics, turbidity currents, and recent geological catastrophes. Data from the 1980 Mount Saint Helens eruption suggests new interpretations of the fossil forests of Yellowstone. Recent analysis of layered varves shows they were laid down daily-by the ebb and flow of tides-not annually, as thought. Origin by Design is an impressive catalog of evidence for creation, a short chronology, and a titanic deluge that once reshaped our planet.

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  • Origins : Linking Science And Scripture


    Are the worlds of science and religion irreconcilable?

    Has modern science with its theory of evolution disproved the biblical account of the origin of life? If one accepts the biblical account of origins, does one then have to reject science?

    Scientist and Christian believer Ariel A. Roth argues that taken together, science and religion give us a more complete and sensible understanding of the world around us, our place in it, and our ultimate meaning and fate.

    Roth examines such topics as the evidence for evolution and creation, the Flood, the strengths and limitations of the scientific method, and the reliability of Scripture. He concludes that the biblical model of a recent creation by God leaves fewer unanswered questions than either science’s evolutionary model or any view between the two positions, such as progressive creation or theistic evolution.

    Beside teaching biology, Ariel Roth has spent 30 years researching areas in which science and religion touch each other and sometimes offer conflicting perspectives.

    He holds a Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Michigan, taught at Andrews and Loma Linda universities, and from 1980 to 1994 was director of the Geoscience Research Institute.

    Roth has also been involved in the evolution-creation controversy in the United States, testifying before many educational and legal groups, and has conducted numerous geological and paleontological field trips around the world.

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