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Grief and Consolation

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  • Life After Loss


    The founder of Grief Recovery seminars shares his time-tested insights into how to cope with grief

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  • 1st Steps Through Bereavement


    Bereavement affects everyone differently. You may feel angry, sad, nostalgic, confused, or a paralyzing combination all of the above. However bereavement affects you, it will be difficult and you will need help, which is precisely what this book offers: simple, compassionate help. From the shock of learning of the death to the practicalities of life afterward, First Steps through Bereavement guides you through the process of mourning a loved one. With useful sections on funerals, continuing to function, staying healthy, dealing with emotions, remembering your loved one, and more, this useful guide will help you negotiate your way through grief. It also includes practical advice for close friends and relatives who are supporting loved ones, including children, who have been bereaved.

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  • Good Grief Devotional


    A wise, honest companion for the journey through grief

    Whether you are struggling with your own grief or walking with a friend or family member who is grieving, you know the journey is not smooth or straightforward. The Good Grief Devotional offers wise, honest companionship to those who are struggling with the death of a loved one, a divorce, the loss of a job, or another major life transition.

    Pastor Brent D. Christianson’s fifty-two devotions follow the ten stages of grief outlined in Granger Westberg’s helpful book Good Grief, published in 1968. Millions of people have found in it validation for their grief, understanding of their feelings, and a way to live through grief and into a new reality.

    Christianson begins each stage with a reflection on that aspect of grief and then considers what the stage means for the reader’s self-understanding and relationships with other people, creation, and God. Each devotion ends with questions to think about and talk about with another person, healing actions one might take, and a prayer.

    The Good Grief Devotional provides pastoral care, faces the reality of loss, and points the way to hope. Readers will want to return to this collection year after year as they are changed by their journey.

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  • Luminous Dark


    Alain Emerson felt like the luckiest man in the world. The talented pastor of a thriving church and national director of the 24-7 Prayer movement, he had found and married Lyndsay, the girl of his dreams, his soulmate. He could never have imagined that, in a matter of months, he would be nursing his beautiful twenty-three-year-old wife through the final stages of cancer, and would find himself a young widower, distraught and alone. The faith that had once seemed firm and secure felt like it was crumbling. And then there were the questions. Hadn’t he been faithful and obedient? Why had God not answered his prayers? Why was God silent now? Why? Alain realised that in order for his faith to survive he needed to face God, not to hold him at arms’ length, but, like Jacob, to wrestle, and like Job, to voice his pain and disappointment. In this profound exploration of loss, Alain Emerson walks through the stages of grief, pain and shock, of choosing to lean into the pain, to face God with his disappointment. He experiences the bewildering silence of God, the absence of simple answers, and walks into the dark tunnel of despair. Taking great comfort from the Psalms and the work of writers who truly understand – Wiesel, Brueggemann, Moltmann – Emerson wrestles with God and with his grief, and emerges with a stronger and deeper faith, and a sense of having seen God’s face.

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  • Hope When Your Heart Breaks


    Grieving occurs in many situations in life; grief is usually associated with death, but it can occur after any loss-divorce, layoffs, the end of a friendship.In this book, author Michael Newman writes 52 short devotion-style chapters that focus on different forms of grief. The book can be read cover to cover, or readers can flip to a chapter that will help them most in this season of life. The focus of each chapter is the presence of God in the midst of grief and the comfort and hope that can be found in that knowledge.

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  • Surviving Grief : A Personal Journey


    Author Sandy Zaugg knows something about hardships and trials. When her children were 8 and 13, she lost her husband to colon cancer. Nine years later, her son died as a result of an automobile accident. This book is the honest rendition of one woman’s struggle through devastating grief and her ultimate realization that reaching out to others is often the best healer.
    No two experiences are the same. Adults grieve differently than children. Women grieve differently than men. Death resulting from a long, drawn-out illness differs from sudden unexpected loss. Loss by suicide isn’t the same as loss through an act of violence. Zaugg doesn’t pretend to have the answers for everyone. What she does offer are some very candid, practical suggestions (no matter what your loss or circumstance) for facing the future – moment by moment, day by day, year by year.

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  • Secret Of The Yellow Van


    It had been only six months ago that her daddy had died of cancer. Jennifer knew other people who had been cured of cancer. Why didn’t God answer her prayers? Was it because she wasn’t good enough? Their mother did her best to comfort Jennifer and her fourteen-year-old brother, Alex, who is learning to raise and sell exotic birds.

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  • I Miss Grandpa


    A book to help Adventist children understand death-and eternal life

    Stevie loved visiting Grandma and Grandpa on their farm! Grandpa let Stevie feed the chickens and lambs and ride on the tractor. They always had so much fun together.

    One day not long after a visit to the farm, something went wrong with Grandpa’s heart and he died. Stevie had lost his best friend. He missed his Grandpa and wondered what it was like to die.

    Death is a fact of life and yet there is a hope beyond the grave. Parents sometimes find it hard to communicate that hope to small children. This book was written with you, the Adventist parent, in mind. I Miss Grandpa tenderly tells a story of love, loss, and a butterfly that helps children deal with loss and understand the good news about those who sleep in Jesus.

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