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  • User Friendly Guide To The 1888 Message


    SKU (ISBN): 9780828013253George KnightBinding: Trade PaperPublished: October 2019Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing

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  • Action Bible Handbook


    What is a covenant? What animals are mentioned in the Bible? Who was Gideon? What kinds of jobs did Bible characters have?

    Are you ready for some answers to the questions?

    With vivid illustrations and kid-friendly explanations, The Action Bible Handbook gives you deeper insight into both familiar and challenging Bible words and names. Over 700 “whos”, “wheres”, and “whats” make it interesting and understandable. Learn about topics like:

    * Animals and Insects
    * Languages and Phrases
    * Plants and Trees
    * Places to Go
    * Popular People
    * Unnatural Disasters
    * Weapons and Armor

    And much more!

    A complete index is included so you can find just the topic you’re looking for. And with the handy page number references, you’ll find this is the perfect companion to The Action Bible.

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  • Deep Things Of God


    This practical handbook for studying the book of Revelation brings a fresh look and helpful insights to a sometimes perplexing book.

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  • Studying Together : A Ready Reference Bible Handbook


    This pocket-sized Bible handbook (3 1/2″ x 7″) is packed with information to assist you in studying the beautiful Christ-centered truths of the Bible with your friends and neighbors. It is divided into three main sections:

    Section I: Bible Studies You Can Give

    This section contains thirty-two doctrinal Bible studies. Each study presents on aspect of Bible truth. Texts are linked together in a systematic way so each link in the chain of truth carefully fits with the succeeding link. Text summaries follow each Bible reference so you will know clearly what is in the text. You will find straightforward Bible answers to sometimes difficult questions immediately following each doctrinal Bible study.

    Section II: Practical Christianity

    The problems of life find practical answers in the Word of God. This section provides God’s answers to our daily difficulties (15 topics covered). It reveals a Christ who is not far distant but one who is near at hand-a Christ who is both interested in and capable of solving our daily problems.

    Section III: Understanding Churches, Denominations, and Other Religious Groups

    The alphabetical list of twenty-two denominations and religious groups includes information on heir origin, major doctrinal beliefs, doctrinal beliefs held in common with Seventh-day Adventists, and suggested methods of approach.

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  • Bible Handbook


    This pocket-size handbook contains outlines for 220 Bible studies.

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  • 7th Day Adventist Elders Handbook


    SKU (ISBN): 9780963496829VariousBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 1994Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

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