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    Each chapter includes questions for group discussion or personal reflection.

    Ideal for personal reading, youth and small groups, a Bible study or Sabbath school resource, or even a baptismal gift.

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  • Reformation And The Remnant


    In The Reformation and the Remnant, author Nicholas Miller examines crucial issues and questions facing the Adventist Church today through the lenses provided by the thoughts and ideas of various Protestant reformers. Miller discusses such topics as biblical authority and inspiration, the great controversy theme, religious liberty and public morality, last day events and Sunday laws, and righteousness by faith and perfection, as he reveals why the ideas that shaped the Christian church still matter.

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  • Changed Too : Real Lives In A Real World


    * You think you have it bad? Think again!
    * Who is God really, and what does He want from me?
    * Is Change really possible?
    * Do you feel yourself at a crossroads and don’t know where to go?
    Life can get messy. There aren’t always easy answers. Are you there? Then Changed Too is exactly what you’re looking for. It tells stories of real people, in real trouble, who cried out to a real God for answers. Eleven people share their own personal struggles and challenges, their doubts and disasters, and the faith that grew out of these tough experiences. They have been where you are. They’ve done what you’ve don. And after meeting Jesus, their lives were changed forever. Read their stories and see why it makes so much sense to give Jesus a chance.

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  • Changed : Real Lives In A Real World


    Changed is the the book you’ve been waiting for?and didn’t even know it! It’s a book about cold, hard realities (you might say R-rated). It’s not a work of fiction, because hearsay is not allowed in the court of life. Eleven writers testify about their lives and their truths; their messes and their messages. Read their stories and find out why it makes so much sense to give Jesus a try. Changed is targeted as a youth sharing book, and youth will certainly identify with these stories, but anyone who reads them will be moved and inspired.

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  • Loving Them Back Leeading Them Home


    Why do they leave?

    Is there anything the church can do to prevent them from turning away, or to bring them back once they’ve left? Is there anything I can do?

    You probably know people who have left the church. Maybe you know why they walked away, but more likely you don’t. But you do care. And that’s why this book is in your hands.

    Barry Gane explores the reasons so many young people decide to leave, considers the complexities of the adolescent mind, addresses the stages of faith development, and offers effective strategies for reclaiming missing youth.

    A word of caution: Read this book only if you’re willing to take action. Wooing young people back to the church will cost you time and energy, and demand significant change-just as it did the shepherd Jesus told us about who braved the dark night to find one lost sheep

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  • Scary Gross And Weird Stories From The Bible


    Most of the youth in your ministry undoubtedly know the familiar, likely Bible accounts. They’ve read them dozens of times. Adam and Eve in Eden, God calling Samuel, Esther’s courage, Saul’s transformation into Paul. Of course: these are amazing highlights from the story of God’s loving relationship with his people. But what about the unfamiliar characters? The unlikely accounts? Do your students know just how offbeat and uncomfortable some parts of the Bible can be? How terrifying? How….dare we say it…weird?

    Scary, Gross , & Weird Stories from the Bible explores thirteen bizarre true stories with a can’t-look-away approach. Now, we understand very well that your teenagers probably won’t be shocked by what they find in these passages; they’ve become immune to drama and gore and the grotesque like no generation before. However, they may have never before associated any of that with God’s Word. In fact, their view of the Bible might run more along these lines: sterilized, predictable, safe, dull. So, here’s your opportunity to surprise them, shake the faith-dialogue up a bit, and guide them through some provocative, life-transforming experiences. Think of these thirteen decidedly non-safe stories as the back-alley accounts of the Bible…where God’s light often shines the brightest.

    Your students will be surprised and intrigued by the strange things (and people) in these passages-but keep in mind that strangeness isn’t the focus. We’re not helping your students encounter weirdness for weirdness’ sake (or grossness for grossness’ sake-you get the picture). Instead, the goal of these unique encounters with unexpected, unsettling stories is solely to show your teenagers more of who God is…and, well, God is pretty unexpected and unsettling. Not too mention utterly creative. So creative, in fact, that he included a lot of head-scratching, cringe-inducing, and downright disturbing stories in his Word. And each one reveals something about God, and what it means to be in an intimate, redeeming relationship with Jesus Christ.

    We’ve designed each of the thirteen studies in this resource to achieve that very purpose: to equip your students to really dig into fresh, startling Scripture passages…so they’ll be astounded by our extraordinary Creator and Savior, and moved to love and serve him with their lives.

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