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Bradley Booth

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  • Guardians Of The Mercy Seat


    “The ark of God has been captured,” he choked on the words.

    “It’s now in the hands of the Philistines.”

    Laadan dropped to his knees in the dirt of the city gate, his mind whirling like a wheel. All of this news was overwhelming! The battle with the Philistines had been lost. Hophni and Phineas had been killed as prophesied, and Laadan’s brother, Uzzi, might even be dead. Eli was dead now, too, and even worse the ark of God was gone. Could there be any news worse than this in the world? Without the ark there was no hope for anyone in Israel anymore. It appeared Jehovah had indeed departed from Israel.

    What would happen now? Would Laadan and his family become Philistine slaves? And what about his friends Iddo, Carmi and Leah? Would he ever see them again? Would the Philistines destroy God’s tabernacle too?

    Guardians of the Mercy Seat chronicles the adventures of Laadan and his friends as they struggle to know God’s will for Israel-and their own lives-in the tumultuous days leading up to the capture of the ark of the covenant, and the troubled times following its seizure. Would they have the courage to stand for what they believe? No matter what? Would they ever be able to return to Shiloh to worship at the tabernacle? Or had God truly abandoned Israel?

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  • Chains In China


    The interrogator slapped the table with his hand and stood to his feet. “If you do not want my help, there’s nothing more I can do for you here! However, I feel I must tell you that from this day forward, things will not go well for you here at the Wu Xi Prison. . . . If you are stubborn and do not give the confession, the warden will become tough as nails. He will never let you out of here!”

    In 1960, Chen, a faithful young Seventh-day Adventist, was imprisoned and thrown into “the cage” for refusing to work on the Sabbath. In spite of living in the worst kind of filth and subsisting on a starvation diet, Chen looked for every opportunity to tell his fellow prisoners and prison officials about the loving God he served.

    Chains in China illustrates the nightmare of tribulation God’s people have often endured for the cause of Christ. It is a chronicle of relentless devotion and a tribute to the faithfulness of a God whose love never lets go. Chen knows this firsthand, for were it not for the miracle God performed to save his life, he would have died in Wu Xi Prison.

    Pastor Chen writes, “His grace was always enough for me in good times and bad, and today I want to glorify His name.”

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  • Miracle Of The Seventh Day Ox


    Do you mean to tell me that you’ve been locking this man up in this crate for two years, and it hasn’t done any good? Did it ever occur to you that there may be a good reason this man isn’t following your orders?”Nickolai Panchuk, a pastor living in Communist Russia, struggled as a prisoner of the KGB to find his purpose. Persecuted for his Christian faith, Nickolai remained in a Siberian camp for 10 years, refusing to sacrifice his faith and suffering the consequences. Harassed, beaten, and dejected, Nickolai found hope in the unlikeliest source: an old ox named Maksim. With the help and strength of God, Nickolai and Maksim worked together to perform a weekly miracle-witnessing for Christ in the most disparaging of circumstances and winning souls along the way.

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  • Miracles Of The Mantle


    Suddenly chaos did break loose!
    Nathan watched in horror at a sight he knew he would never forget as long as he lived. The mother bears came bouncing out onto the road, roaring as though on a mission of vengeance! This screaming crowd of boys was too near their babies for comfort, and they intended on protecting their cubs at all cost.
    When Nathan first met the prophet Elisha, he had hoped to see a miracle or hear an exciting story. But he surely hadn’t counted on anything like this. What would happen to Amzi and the other boys who had been tormenting the prophet?
    Nathan’s adventures with the prophet Elisha would take him places and show him things he never expected – floating ax heads, oil that never ran out, bitter water turned sweet, even wild bears. Along the way, Nathan would learn incredible lessons about standing up for what he believed in, keeping his faith in Jehovah, and loving even those who wanted to do him harm.
    Could Nathan stand up for what he believed in? Could you?

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  • Noah : The End Of The World


    “Welcome to the ark!” Noah’s voice thundered across the meadow. My name is Noah, son of Lamech, and grandson of the great patriarch Methuselah. You’re wondering, I’m sure, why we are building a boat in the middle of a field. And why in the world a farmer would spend more than a hundred years building it. Let me tell you why. Long ago, the God of heaven created our world to be a paradise for His children. But the people of earth have rejected God that He might not rule over them. Now their wicked deeds have corrupted the world.”
    Noah squinted in the bright sunlight. “Little remains to be done of all God has asked me to do, friends! It is almost time for the flood to come, and when it does, you can be on this ark with me and my family, safe from the destruction of the rising waters!”
    Bradley Booth has crafted a remarkable story of Noah and the end of the antediluvian world. The parallel between the reaction to Noah’s end-time message and that of our own time is startling. Every reader will be struck by the way we of the twenty-first century also think the end is far off and treat God’s messages of warning so carelessly.

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  • 7th Day Ox And Other Miracle Stories From Russia


    There was no one he knew. No one to care what happened to him. As he tossed and turned trying to fall asleep, his mind would suddenly begin to panic and scream out in protest, How did I get myself into this?

    A pastor living in Communist Russia, Nickolai Panchuk struggled as a prisoner of the KGB to find his purpose. Persecuted for his Christian faith, Nickolai remained in a Siberian camp for eight years, refusing to sacrifice his faith and suffering the consequences. Harassed, beaten, and dejected, Nickolai found hope in the unlikeliest source: an old ox named Maksim.

    With the help and strength of God, Nickolai and Maksim worked together to perform a weekly miracle-witnessing for Christ in the most disparaging of circumstances and winning souls along the way.

    The Seventh-day Ox and Other Miracle Stories From Russia describes the faithfulness of Christians during times of persecution and the animals who were used by God to help them. Against all odds, each of these witnesses placed their trust in God and demonstrated unbroken commitment to their faith-no matter what the cost.

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  • Esther : A Star Is Born


    Chosen by the king, and chosen by God-where would her loyalties lie?
    Hadassah was a show-stopping beauty. When she walked by eyes and whispers followed her, though she didn’t seem to notice. But her physical appearance was nothing compared to the beauty evident in her character-she was kind, intelligent, humble, and passionate in her devotion to her people and the one true God. An inspiring and intriguing story of the young girl God had chosen to save her people from certain destruction-the girl who would be Esther, Queen of Persia.

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  • Noah : The Chosen One


    “As were the days of Noah, so shall be the coming of the Son of man.” “Can someone help me out over here?” Noah shouted, gesturing to the crowd in the market place. “These boys are trying to rob me!” With a sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach he began to realize that no one was going to come to his aid. No one cared. . . . This is ridiculous, Noah thought. Two striplings want to rob me in the street, and no one has the decency to come to my aid. What’s this world coming to? . . . Bradley Booth has crafted a remarkable story of Noah and the antediluvian world. The parallels between their excesses and violence and those of our own time are startling. Every reader of this book will be struck by the way we of the twenty-first century also rationalize our own behavior, and how often we find it more convenient to “go with the crowd.”

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  • Escape From Egypt


    The guards were shouting excitedly and suddenly the whole camp was in an uproar. It was like the world was coming to an end, and everybody knew it!

    Children began running around in circles screaming. Men and boys rushed here and there with their ox goads and cutlasses, bumping into one another, knocking each other over in the sand. Oxen, goats, and donkeys reacted to the alarm and began to rush in every direction.

    Meshach looked on in fear, not knowing what to expect next, but he needn’t have worried. Somewhere in the confusion and noise of the moment a voice of strength called out to the people. It was the voice of Moses.

    “He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High can abide safely in the shadow of the Great I Am!” Moses’ voice boomed out. “Don’t worry, my people! Jehovah is our refuge and fortress. In Him we must trust!”

    Do you trust God even in bad times? Let this story of God’s power and victory help you to always put your trust in Him.

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  • Dare To Stand Alone


    “Sir, when the regulations of my country clash with the laws of my God, I must obey my God,” Ivan declared.

    The general studied Ivan’s face seriously. “Does that include the regulations of your army?”

    Religion was suppressed. Christians were forced to practice their faith secretly. Yet one teenage boy found the courage to stand up and speak boldly about his God. Not just to his friends or in a private church meeting-but on a military base. In front of nearly 3,000 enlisted men . . . and one colonel.

    Foolish? Maybe. Risky? Definitely. But Ivan Gumenyuk had determined to follow God’s calling, and right then God was calling him to be a missionary in the Soviet army. Like Daniel of old, Ivan faced trials that tested his faith to the limits. And, like Daniel, Ivan accomplished incredible things for God.

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  • Prince Of Dreams


    As prisoners of war, would Daniel and his friends continue to follow the Lord? Could God make a way for them to be faithful to Him? Of course, but they would need to put their trust fully in Him and not in themselves even in the face of death decrees.

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  • Plagues In The Palace


    “Enough!” The majestic Pharaoh Amenhotep rose from his ivory throne. “Words mean nothing to me!”

    Meshach didn’t know it yet, but he had just witnessed the opening scene in a drama that would change his whole world forever.

    The first plague attacked Osiris, the god of the Nile. The second plague, frogs everywhere, created big problems for the believers in Seqa, the frog-headed goddess. The plagues that followed would cause Meshack to question everything. But as each plague proved another of the Egyptians’ gods powerless, he began to see that Jehovah loved him and wanted him to be free.

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  • Showers Of Grasshoppers And Other Miracle Stories From Africa


    “I thought God would protect our fields if we paid our tithe,” Motumba stammered. “Why isn’t He saving our fields?”

    Danso stood with his son, watching in despair as the locusts continued eating. Maybe God didn’t really care about their plight. After all, if God wanted to, He could stop the hordes of grasshoppers from eating up their crops, couldn’t He?

    After keeping the seventh day holy for the first time, Danso and his family walked 30 miles (50 kilometers) to worship with other believers the following Sabbath. There they learned about tithing and decided to return 10 percent of their meager income to God, starting with the money they had brought on their journey. Soon the family’s cash crop of green beans, planted on two hectares of land near the town of Babban Zugu in Nigeria, would be ready to harvest.

    Then the grasshoppers descended from the sky like raindrops in a torrential storm.

    Showers of Grasshoppers and Other Miracle Stories From Africa chronicles the experiences of believers whose faithfulness in the little things prepared them to be faithful when times were the hardest, and the miracles God worked to save their lives.

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  • Miracle On The Mountain


    The mountain erupted with a terrific roar and a deafening explosion. Liquid mud poured down the steep slopes like a great rolling tide, destroying everything in its path. Li Hua was sure she could not run fast enough to escape it. She was frozen in place as she watched the rivers of mud smash into houses of bamboo, knocking them over as if they were made of paper. Others like Li Hua were trapped in the village, mostly the old ones, the crippled, or the very sick. “Help us, Li Hua!” they cried. “Pray to your God, or we will all surely die!”Miracle on the Mountain is a collection of twelve extraordinary mission stories of faith and courage from around the globe. Stand alongside Li Hua and Segfred as they face certain death. Walk beside Genya and Won Tak as they preach the gospel against all odds, and journey with Philipp and Thomas to the ends of the earth to share the truth of the three angels’ messages.

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  • Adventures In Galilee


    Boys had all the fun! It just wasn’t fair! For Tabitha, life in Capernaum had been pretty much the same for as long as she could remember. Fetching the day’s water, cooking, sewing – boring and just plain dull – until Jesus arrived, that is! He was all that the girls at the village well could talk about. And hadn’t Tabitha seen Him perform miracles herself? She’d seen Him cast out a demon, and heal the paralyzed man let down through Zebedee’s roof. But who was this strange Jesus? Was he the Messiah? No one seemed to really know, even though the crowds flocking to see Him grew larger each day. One thing was certain. Life in Capernaum had changed for the better since Jesus came to town. But then Tabitha became deathly ill and died. What was it Jesus had said to her family? Not to worry, she was just sleeping? How could that be? The doctors had pronounced her dead. The mourners had been hired. The spices for her burial had been laid out. As her eyes fluttered open, Tabitha looked confused. Was that Jesus holding her hand? Why was everyone making such a fuss over her? What were they saying? She had been dead! Everybody had known that! But it didn’t matter now! Tabitha was alive again! Jesus was here – and wherever Jesus was, death could not stay! Tabitha thought about what it meant to leave everything for Jesus. She knew that when it came time to make her choice, she would be willing to follow Him anywhere – no matter what the cost! Will you?

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  • They Call Him The Miracle Man


    SKU (ISBN): 9780828017671Bradley BoothBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 2004Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing

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