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Jan Doward

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  • Momento De La Decision – (Spanish)


    SKU (ISBN): 9789875671300Language: SpanishJan DowardBinding: Cloth TextPublished: January 2006Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association

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  • When All Alone I Stand


    Drafted! As World War II raged around him,
    Jan Doward fought his own battles to be classified
    as a conscientious objector.

    A wisecracking prankster with acting potential, some of his buddies said he was destined for the stage. But God had another destiny in mind–and a life-changing encounter at sea.

    Some of Jan’s bunkmates knew the Scriptures. One day their testimony hit home. “Oh, God!” Jan prayed, “forgive me for all of my selfish and sinful ways. Forgive me for taking the name of Christ without living His life. You can have all there is of me. It isn’t much–only a tough-talking, smart-acting guy–but You can have me!”

    Jan rose from his knees a new man. But his dream of taking over the family ranch would soon be shattered by a letter from his mother. “I’d rather have you a thief,” she wrote, “than a Seventh-day Adventist!”

    Doward’s remarkably detailed chronicle of Army life shows God’s providential leading and saving grace for those who dare to stand alone.

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  • Even The Angels Must Laugh Again


    “WARNING! Do not read this book in church! Trying not to laugh out loud when reading these stories may result in ruptured internal organs!

    Have you ever been in church and witnessed something so funny you almost suffocated trying to contain yourself? And because it happened in church, where the tone is typically solemn and worshipful, it was all the more comical.

    This hilarious book is back in print! Jan Doward has added more stories that will really crack you up! Baptisms that boggle the mind, church bloopers that almost bring down the house, evangelism beyond belief–each chapter is filled with the joy of worshiping with human beings.

    Story by story, this collection of humor will remind you of the joy of being a Christian and the wonder of a God who created laughter.”

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  • Finding The Right Path


    Just because your parents probably gave this book to you, don’t assume it will put you to sleep.

    Finding the Right Path is filled with entertaining stories that show how the Pathfinder pledge and law really work and can make an exciting difference in your life. Enjoy!

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