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  • Ellen G. White Encyclopedia


    Everything About Ellen G. White in One Resource

    This masterwork brings together hundreds of articles that describe the people and events in the life of Ellen White, as well as her stand on numerous topics.

    Doctrine and Theology

    use of the Apocrypha
    the holy flesh movement
    the humanity of Christ
    king of the north
    latter rain
    Health and Lifestyle

    dress reform
    use of humor
    milk and cheese
    politics and voting
    “secret vice”
    time management
    Life Events

    her conversion
    General Conference session of 1888
    great controversy vision
    iceberg vision
    San Francisco earthquake

    Gorham, Maine
    Graysville, Tennessee
    Loma Linda Sanitarium
    Oakwood Industrial School

    Elizabeth Harmon Bangs-the twin sister that Ellen worked to bring into the faith
    Fannie Bolton-the literary assistant who was fired a surprising number of times
    John Byington-the militant abolitionist and first General Conference president
    Sylvester Graham-the temperance advocate whose cracker lives on today
    Moses Hull-the evangelist who lost a debate with a spiritualist in more ways than one

    Everything from the hymns Ellen White loved to the homes she lived in are covered in heavily referenced articles. You’ll find a detailed chronology of her life and extensive articles on her ministry, her theology, and her statements in the light of advancing scientific knowledge. Whether you’re preparing a sermon, teaching a class, or finding answers to personal questions, this single resource has the answers you need.

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