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Kay Rizzo

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  • For His Honor


    But God had a plan for this young man’s life.

    With the help of a devoted mother, Terry Johnson became a vessel of honor for his country and his Lord at the very highest levels of political power.

    For His Honor, by Kay Rizzo, is the inspiring story of how God singled out a special young man to become the first handicapped person to serve in the President’s Honor Guard.

    At times, however, the struggle to succeed was almost more than Terry could bear.

    Determined and unrelentingly cheerful, he baffled his training instructors who tried their best to intimidate him into quitting. Yet Terry succeeded beyond the military’s highest expectations and won the hearts of his comrades for Christ by his living witness.

    More than a compelling tale of a young man’s victory over incredible odds, it is also a story of faith- faith in what God can do for those who refuse to compromise His honor.”


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  • Annies Trust


    As she fights to save her baby’s life, Annie wonders if she will ever move beyond the fear that holds her captive, or the anger that demands, “Where is God in all this?”
    The once bright, effervescent Annie Hawkins is forever changed by a devastating chain of events: a raging fire that destroys the Pownells’ estate in western New York, leaving disfiguring scars on her heart as well as her hand; a terrifying boat ride to New Orleans; and an abduction at the hands of a ruthless man. After months of uncertainty, Annie eventually finds herself in Independence, Missouri, where she reunites with her best friend Serenity Cunard.
    After Annie marries Ned Ward, freed slave and itinerant preacher, her life seems to settle down and she looks forward to becoming a mother. But trouble soon finds its way into their home and marriage as Ned’s commitment to working on the Underground Railroad threatens to derail the fragile trust Annie has built up.
    As Annie sinks into depression, Ned gently reminds her that “there’s no such thing as luck for God’s children. Just as an earthly parent doesn’t leave the guidance of his offspring to chance, so our loving heavenly Father doesn’t guide His children by the fickle finger of fate.”
    Annie’s Trust is the heartwarming story of a young woman who wrestles through grief, loss, fear, and anger before arriving at a place where she is willing to trust her future to her heavenly Father.

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  • Lilias Haven


    Beautiful, willful, and adventurous, Eulilia Northrup of the Virginia Northrups felt no need for the God of her best friend, Serenity. Swept off her feet by the wily Wade Cooper, eighteen-year-old Lilia elopes, imagining a life of bliss and roses in her future. It does not take long, however, for her to discover the real reason Wade married her.
    After she makes this heartbreaking discovery and sees the hidden stash of precious coins he purloined from her father, she begs to go home. Before she can return, she receives a telegram from her brother informing her that their father has placed a $1,000 bounty on Wade’s head. With jail awaiting him in Norfolk, Wade takes his bride aboard the Ohio River paddle wheeler Cameo, where they determine to head out to Independence, Missouri, to Serenity Inn – the gateway to the West – and to second chances.
    Along the way, Lilia experiences tremendous heartbreak, loneliness, and abuse before recognizing the serious consequences of the choices she has made. Life on the prairie is certainly harder than she imagined. While she longs for the peace that radiates from Serenity, she wrestles with trusting an invisible God.
    Lilia’s Haven is the heartwarming story of a young woman who keeps running into the tender, forgiving love of her heavenly Father, while struggling to adjust to life on the untamed frontier.

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  • Abigails Dream


    Fiery tempered and quick to react, Abigail Sherwood bridles under the controlling influence of her brother-in-law. How different he was from her father – a gentle parish minister who loved every member in his little church in England. After his death, Abigail and her mother had sailed to the New World to join her sister and brother-in-law in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Little does she imagine that ten years later she would find herself unmarried, and with no prospects, acting as cook and nanny to her sister’s rapidly growing family.
    When a missionary rolls into town, enthusiastically recruiting families to join the flood of adventurers heading out west, Abigail asks herself, Why shouldn’t I set out for Oregon? What could be more exciting than joining a wagon train? With Providence providing a way forward, Abigail finds herself traveling to Serenity Inn, near Independence, Missouri, the half-way point between Massachusetts and Oregon.
    Along the way, she encounters challenges that drive her to her knees, seeking God’s wisdom and grace. How often she remembers Serenity’s words of encouragement. “Abigail, always remember that God is leading in your life. He loves you and wants the very best for you.”
    Abigail’s Dream is the inspiring story of a young woman who learns how to surrender her impulsive nature to her heavenly Father, while facing the rigors of the Oregon Trail.

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  • Josephines Fortune


    Would God remain true to His promise? Could He be counted on to never leave nor forsake one of His own?

    Josephine Van der Mere felt desperate and alone. Serenity had left on her own adventure out West, and her father, New York State’s Assemblyman Samuel Pownell, had fled from the bounty hunters who were determined to arrest him for aiding runaway slaves.

    Everything had been so clear before her beloved Sam had gone. Their mission; their love; their future together.

    With a heavy heart, Josephine read the letter from Sam.

    Thanks to Clare, much has changed in my life, which brings me to the purpose of this letter. Things were moving so fast before I left New York. Having to remain confined to a bed for a spell has given me time to slow down and think about my life and what I want to do with what’s left of it.

    A cold chill passed through Josephine. Had Sam fallen in love with his nurse, Clare Thornton? Had she lost him forever?

    Determined to find the answers for herself, Josephine embarks on an adventure that carries her from New York to New Orleans. Filled with danger and intrigue, the endless question haunts her, “Would God remain true to His promise to never leave nor forsake her?”

    Book Three in the Serenity Inn Series, Josephine’s Fortune captures the conflict of one woman’s spiritual journey: a woman courageous enough to put God’s promise to the test as she travels across the country in the years prior to the Civil War.

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  • Serenitys Quest


    Swept away on another adventure, Serenity finds herself living on the brink of a wild and untamed land where Spanish vaqueros rub shoulders with mountain men, and Indians buy tobacco and salt for the winter alongside Russian immigrant farmers.
    “This is the strangest place, Lord. One minute I think I hate it here and the next, You scatter a thousand diamonds across the sky and I think I could live here forever.”
    Uplifting and encouraging, Serenity’s Quest traces the story of a young girl’s longing to discover God’s destiny for her life on an untamed frontier in the years prior to the Civil War.

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  • Serenitys Desire


    Plunged into a world of uncertainty following the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Serenity struggles to understand why God allows tragedy when He has the power to prevent it. Turning to her mother’s journals she catches a glimpse of the God her mother loved and trusted. When her father, New York State’s Assemblyman Samuel Pownell, gives Serenity her mother’s Bible she finds strength in God’s promise to never leave nor forsake her.

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  • Wounded Healer : The Tom Sanford Story From A Childhood Of Abuse To A Minis


    The story of Tom Sanford and Project PATCH

    Tom Sanford’s life growing up under the abusive hand of a father who used rage to manipulate and control others was anything but idyllic. His red eyes and swollen lips from beatings at home earned him cruel nicknames at school. But the physical bruises on his body were no match for the wounds to his spirit.

    How this inwardly wounded boy grew up to become a healer of thousands of like-wounded boys and girls through the ministry of Project PATCH is the stuff of miracles. And this book tells the story.

    From Sanford’s own troubled past to the heartbreaking stories of the children he and his wife Bonnie have rescued, Wounded Healer is an emotional journey of faith, struggle, and redemption. Long after you close the covers of this book, the stories of young lives changed on the “miracle ranch” known as PATCH will remain in your heart forever.

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  • Prodigal Daughter


    The Prodigal Daughter is based on the true story of a young and gifted woman who leaves home amid the protests and tears of her father. Headstrong and determined to become a star, Brianna soon finds herself swept into a world far different from the life of fame and riches she’d expected. As her dreams begin to crumble, little does she realize the horror into which she is about to plunge. Like Jesus’ story of another errant child, The Prodigal Daughter portrays a father’s love and reminds us of how far our heavenly Father will go in order to redeem and restore His lost children.

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  • Northern Lights


    Elizabeth grabbed the nearest pencil and slid into the receiver’s chair. Her mind could barely interpret the horrific message coming over the radio.”QUOTE-AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR-THIS IS NO DRILL-UNQUOTE-HEAVY GUNFIRE-US FLEET SUNK-THOUSANDS DEAD-SK.” December 7, 1941, Whittier, Alaska-Elizabeth Ames, cryptographer, finds herself caught up in a chaotic and terrifying world far from her home in Seattle. She had set sail for Alaska in hopes of saving her marriage, but that seemed almost impossible while her husband still blamed her for the death of their son. Riddled by guilt and fiercely angry with a God who would allow her baby to die and her husband to run away, Elizabeth eventually opens her grandmother’s well-marked Bible. Amid the turmoil of her life and the uncertainty of a world at war, Elizabeth discovers a God who has a plan for her life. But when it comes to matters of the heart, she finds it difficult to turn over her destiny to Him.

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  • Praise A La Carte


    “If I call my home a house of prayer, then I want my kitchen to be my pavilion of praise.”Come in and sit a spell at Kay’s turn-of-the-century oak table. Sip hot cinnamon-apple tea from her Grandma Chloe’s china cups while you savor the flavor of God’s promises. Nibble on an oatmeal-raisin cookie from Kay’s Mama’s Depression-ware cookie jar while you “taste and see that the Lord is good.” Kay D. Rizzo invites the reader to relax as she shares favorite recipes for body and soul. Join her in celebrating God’s goodness, mercy and joy.

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  • Rebeccas Crossing


    At nineteen, Rebecca Cunard, youngest child of Pastor Eli and Fay Cunard, is a feisty and fiercely independent young woman, more at home in her prospector’s garb than the lacy dresses she wears to work each day at Joe Masters’ mercantile store. But her hasty words force her to flee from home across the continent to the safety of Serenity Inn and her brother Caleb. Rebecca’s Crossing is the uplifting story of a young woman who struggles to accept that trust in others and surrendering her will to God’s will are not signs of weakness.

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  • En La Cima – (Spanish)


    Ready to start the year? You’re probably wondering what new adventures you will find. Look no further! You will find all new adventures in the pages of On Top, without leaving home! Most importantly though, this devotional will accompany you on the most amazing adventure of all: your friendship with Jesus.

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  • Still My Aching Heart The Sequel To Claims Upon My Heart


    BOOK 4 IN THE CHLOE MAE CHRONICLESWhen tragedy breaks her heart, old dreams return. Is it time for Chloe to make peace with her past?In this compelling conclusion to the Chloe Mae Chronicles, Chloe again faces difficult decisions that are compounded by an uncertain future and responsibilities she never expected to bear. But what would happen when the one person she thought she’d never see again came back into her life?

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  • Claims Upon My Heart


    The more Chloe tried to convince herself that nothing had changed between James and her, the more she knew everthing had changed. The runaway emotions James created in her heart were far greater than any schoolgirl crush. In Claims Upon Her Heart, book three in the Chloe Mae Chronicles, Chloe finds herself falling in love and making decisions that will change the rest of her life. She still longs for her father’s understanding and wonders if the wall of silence between them will ever crumble. Anyone who has read Flee My Fathers House and Silence of My Love will be anxious to read this next book.

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  • Silence Of My Love The Sequel To Flee My Fathers House


    Locked deep within Jamie’s heart were emptiness and confusion beyond the comprehension of a five-year-old boy. Refusing to let words describe his hurt, Jamie withdrew into his own little world. Would Chloe leave him the way his mommy and baby sister had?Silence of My Love, book two of the Chloe Mae Chronicles, by Kay D. Rizzo, finds Chloe struggling to be a surrogate mother to orphaned Jamie in the harsh flatlands of Kansas.Chloe’s dreams of reaching China stall as adversity and a little boy’s silence lead her down a path of experience she never bargained for: How could anyone find love and happiness in this desolate, unforgiving land?

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  • Flee My Fathers House


    Flee My Father’s House, book one in the Chloe Mae Chronicles, by Kay D. Rizzo, is set during the late 1890s in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. It tells the story of a young woman’s fight for independence and her dream to help the dying women and children in China.This sweeping drama begins with an agonizing choice that will set Chloe Mae’s feet on a path of pain and discovery. Escaping from certain unhappiness, she runs headlong into a world of sadness, love, and heart-wrenching decisions.

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  • Battered To Blessed


    Known to thousands of 3ABN viewers as “Miss Brenda,” the singing, cooking, and smiling children’s program host remembers a time when smiling wasn’t easy.

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  • Place In Gods Heart


    SKU (ISBN): 9780816320110Kay RizzoBinding: Trade PaperPublished: February 2004Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association

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  • Mollys Revenge


    Praying for deliverance “from the snare of the fowler” was one thing, but did God really expect her to forgive the fowler?
    Vivacious and beautiful, eighteen-year-old Molly Maguire lives a charmed life thanks to the generosity of her benefactors Lord and Lady Pembrooke. But all that changes when Lord Pembrooke’s health fails and his son unexpectedly closes the manor. Given the option of remaining in Ireland to fend for themselves, or signing a two-year contract as indentured servants to the Commonwealth of Virginia, Molly and her widowed mother choose to begin a new life across the ocean.
    But life is harsh on the untamed frontiers of the New World. Angry over the unfair treatment she receives, Molly nurses the flame of resentment that grows in her heart. Vowing to one day take her revenge, Molly holds on desperately to the only connection she has to her homeland – her father’s Bible.

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