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George Knight

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  • Search For Identity


    How did we come to believe what we believe? How have those beliefs changed over the years? With compelling candor George Knight captures the ebb and flow of the doctrinal currents within Adventism, including controversies over the shut door, the law in Galatians at the 1888 General Conference, the Trinity, pantheism, Fundamentalism, the nature of Christ, and inspiration.The Adventist Church was founded by independent thinkers who would have disagreed with several of the church’s current 27 fundamental beliefs. But over the years strength arose out of contention, and consensus out of debate. From William Miller to Desmond Ford, Knight catalogues the colorful personalities who shaped the discussion, and shows how God has led His church into broader and deeper understanding of His eternal truth. “This book has the potential of being one of the most influential books written within Adventism in the past 75 years.”–Willmore Eva, Editor, Ministry Magazine

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  • User Friendly Guide To The 1888 Message


    SKU (ISBN): 9780828013253George KnightBinding: Trade PaperPublished: October 2019Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing

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  • Truth The Whole Truth Nothing But The Truth


    Is there a place where you can TRULY find the meaning of life and the path to eternity?

    Is there a message that contains the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

    This book turns to the thousands of pages of the Bible, from which so many people have found answers to their most profound questions. The Scripture, the most widely distributed book of all time, continues to be as true today as when it was written, and as vital for our generation as for those past.

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  • Angry Saints


    If the loud cry began in the late 1880s, why is the church still on earth?

    Have we fallen into the same spiritual trap as our forebears?

    For more than 100 years, Seventh-day Adventists have looked back at the 1888 General Conference Session as a milestone in the church’s history, a turning point in its theological development. But Adventists still sharply disagree over the meaning and significance of the righteousness by faith message expounded in 1888 and the decade following. Some regard Minneapolis as a major victory, while others view it as the denomination’s greatest tragedy. George R. Knight believes it was a mixed blessing-a tragedy that contained the seeds of unending possibility.

    Angry Saints is about the people and struggles that existed more than 100 years ago. And even though the specific characters and surface issues have changed, most of the problems, opportunities, dynamics, personality traits, and bedrock controversies portrayed are remarkably contemporary.

    Angry Saints brings us to the sobering realization that it is possible to be an Adventist without being a Christian and reveals that belligerence not only fails to solve theological difficulties, it places us in a dangerous position.

    So, what will it take to change us into a translation-ready church in which Christ’s character is fully reproduced? Learning and applying the lessons of Minneapolis may well hold the key to our future.

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  • Exploring Thessalonians


    The letters of Paul to the Thessalonian believers not only provide insight into the challenges faced by one of the early Christian churches, but also allow a glimpse into the great pastoral heart of the stalwart evangelist. Yes, he endured beatings, stoning, and imprisonment on his missionary journeys-and even rejoiced that he was found worthy to suffer for his Lord. Yet in the midst of his own trials he longed to nurture and encourage those converts who were experiencing persecution as well.Intertwined among such familiar themes as the Second Advent, the resurrection of believers, church discipline, and the man of lawlessness, Paul’s recurring emphasis is how to live while waiting for Jesus to return. It may come as a surprise to Christians steeped in a postmodern culture, but holiness-separation from the ways of the world and commitment to the ways of God-and the requisite dependence upon God’s power are commanded.This user-friendly devotional commentary divides the text of these two letters into short passages followed by exegetical explanation and practical application. Though these messages were penned nearly 2,000 years ago, the apostle’s words are just as relevant to Christians now as they were to the fledgling church in the first century.

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  • A T Jones Point Man On Adventisms Charismatic Frontier


    Embroiled in controversy nearly his entire ministry, Jones was one of the most fascinating personalities ever to grace a Seventh-day Adventist pulpit. This brilliantly researched biography reveals a man so powerful and charismatic that his fall seems incomprehensible yet somehow inevitable. Discover the contributions Jones made to Adventism-and what led him eventually to fight the faith he spent so much of his life building up.

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  • Exploring Romans


    Romans is one of the few books in the New Testament that was not composed as a pastoral response to specific, localized problems. Instead this letter was written primarily to challenge and ultimately correct widespread misunderstandings about Christianity held by mid-first-century believers. Some of these beliefs are embraced even now, and the careful study of this letter to believers whom Paul had not yet met is vital to every sincere Christian.

    Paul’s central focus in Romans is the means of obtaining salvation. Point by point, he systematically builds his case by articulating who needs salvation and why, the role of the law, God’s response to the sin problem, resolution of the legal issues presented by sin, and the effect each has on the Christian’s life.

    This devotional commentary divides the entire text into short passages that are followed by a detailed, user-friendly exegetical explanation and practical application to everyday life. The lives of such men as Martin Luther and John Wesley, whose writings helped shape Western history, were changed by the study of Romans. It will change your life as well.

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  • Exploring The Letters Of John And Jude


    The letters of John and Jude are a wake-up call. False teachers had infiltrated the church and introduced secular reasoning in place of apostolic teachings. John and Jude wrote to their congregations not only to warn the faithful against the impostors, but to emphasize true spirituality in the face of error and apostasy.

    It’s no surprise, then, that these four letters are of the utmost relevance to Christians today. John’s first and second letters deal with issues central to a genuine Christian faith and life, while the third provides a snapshot of the dynamics of at least one congregation in the A.D. 90s. Jude confronts many of the same issues in his letter, including the immorality that results from a denial of Christ.

    This user-friendly devotional commentary divides the entire text of these four letters into bite-sized passages using a new translation by the author. Each passage is followed by the exegetical meaning as well as the practical application for the lives of twenty-first-century believers. Small study groups and individuals alike will benefit from this format and better understand God’s timely and very personal message.

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  • Sin And Salvation


    There is no more important topic than God’s plan of salvation for a lost world.

    Sin and Salvation considers the very heart of the message-God’s work for us, especially at the cross-then broadens to explore His work in us.

    More than a book on abstract theology, Sin and Salvation not only informed the mind but also guides daily life. It seeks to show the interrelatedness of the components of salvation and explores justification, sanctification, perfection, and sinlessness.

    Converted from agnosticism to Christianity more than 40 years ago, George R. Knight long wrestled with what it means to be saved-what God can do for us and in us.

    This book in many ways is the result of that personal search: the combination of biblical findings, scholarly studies, and encounters with Christians. Sin and Salvation is an insightful and clear work that will help you better understand God’s redemptive plan.

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  • Cross Of Christ


    Finally, an explanation of Adventist theology in one convenient location. This new series will explain each pillar of truth carefully and completely.

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  • Apocalyptic Vision And The Neutering Of Adventism


    The Apocalyptic Vision and the Neutering of Adventism Click for Sample Chapter 524K
    George R. Knight
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    Paperback Book 107 pages Copyright: 2008
    Review & Herald Publishing ISBN: 9780828023856

    It is a query that ought to shake you all the way down to the soles of your comfortable shoes. George R. Knight has been wrestling with this very question for nearly five decades. He says he wasn’t born that way (like some) and isn’t addicted (like others)-hence the struggle.

    His dilemma?

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church was founded upon an apocalyptic message that needed to be preached to the entire world-immediately and at any cost. But does the church today preach that same message with the same urgency? Has the Adventist Church become irrelevant because it has sought to be more relevant to the world? Does the Adventist Church have any reason for existence if it has lost that which makes it different from all the rest of Christianity?

    And if in fact Adventism has neutered itself, is there anything we can do-as individuals and as a denomination-to remedy this shocking condition in which we find ourselves?

    Knight challenges us to go back to our roots, to examine the prophecies that fueled the early Seventh-day Adventists’ determination to evangelize the world. Buried within the books of Daniel and Revelation are the only reasons for this end-time church to exist. But beware: you may have to uproot yourself from the pew in order to be truly Adventist.

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  • If I Were The Devil


    George Knight tackles tough questions in this shining collection of articles, speeches, and papers. Including the courageous speech “If I Were the Devil,” presented at the 2000 General Conference session, this book is an insightful look at Adventism’s mission, structure, and contemporary challenges.

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  • Organizing For Mission And Growth


    The founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church believed church organization was evil. But eventually the need for a credentialed ministry, the need to maintain doctrinal unity, and the need to own property resulted in the formal organization of the church in 1863. Here’s the fascinating behind-the-scenes story.

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  • William Miller


    Black WednesdayOctober 23, 1844This was to have been the first day in heaven. Instead, the Advent believers found themselves still chained to earth, reeling in shock and grief – the laughingstock of a jeering world.The bible, they were utterly certain, had said Jesus would return on October 22. He hadn’t.”Has the Bible proved a failure?” asked Hiram Edson, voicing the giant question haunting the wounded flock. “Is there no God, no heaven, no golden home city, no paradise? Is this all a cunningly devised fable?” In this landmark volume, author-historian George R. Knight recounts the history of that shattering disappointment and explores the vital dynamic that thrust the Millerites into the flow of history.Sixteen decades after the Great Disappointment, Jesus still has not come. Dr. Knight concludes this carefully researched volume by addressing the question, And what of the certainty? What of the nothing-held-back commitment and the joyous expectancy of those early Adventists? Can the fire that first ignited this movement be recaptured? Are the message and mission still valid?

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  • Yo Solia Ser Perfecto – (Spanish)


    Newly available in Spanish. Writing from his own early struggles with legalism, Knight examines some of the most basic questions about salvation: What does it mean to sin? What is temptation? What is the law? What does it mean to be saved? What does it mean to be perfect? Special features include study questions at the end of each chapter, reference notes to sources, a topical and scripture index, and a bibliography.

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  • Exploring Galatians And Ephesians


    Galatians focuses on justification by faith as the basis of Christian liberty, and ends with a discussion of Christian ethics (since we have been justified, how shall we then live?). Ephesians says even more about holy living, focusing on the grace of God that not only provides individual salvation but brings the redeemed together into a new community in Christ, the church, and empowers us in the cosmic struggle between good and evil. Both books tell us how we are saved in Christ, how to walk with Him in daily life, and how to live together as Christians. And both will transform us as we let the Holy Spirit speak through them.

    This user-friendly devotional commentary divides the text of Galatians and Ephesians into bit-sized passages, using a new translation by the author. Each passage is followed by an explanation that reveals themes and patterns, moving from exegesis to practical application in the lives of twenty-first-century believers. The format will prove helpful for church study groups and midweek meetings, equipping the reader to understand better God’s message of transforming grace today.

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  • Joseph Bates : Founder Of Seventh Day Adventism


    In this biography Knight strips away the veneer of history to reveal new textures in the life of this most colorful pioneer.

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  • Exploring Mark : A Devotional Study


    Mark for Contemporary Christians

    It was the worst of times. The believers faced the atrocities of an emperor gone mad. They were burned alive. Torn apart. Amid Roman horror, Mark decided the church needed some good news.

    No one had ever written a Gospel before. Later Gospels enhance the picture, but Mark set the mold. Other Gospels focus more on Jesus’ teaching; but in Mark, the Man of Action marches rapidly through the Jewish milieu of first-century Palestine-all the way to the cross.

    And now George Knight brings Mark’s world down to ours with a user-friendly devotional commentary that goes behind the scenes and, with a new translation, unfolds the rich tapestry of Mark for contemporary Christians.

    Mark’s Jesus demanded secrecy on the part of His disciples. But He also said, “Whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed” (Mark 4:22, NIV). In this commentary Mark’s secrets about Jesus are revealed to enlarge the searching mind and bless the seeking heart.

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  • Walking With Paul Through The Book Of Romans


    “But Now”

    That is Paul’s message in Romans: God has called us to a new status. And that changes everything. Once we were lost, but now God extends to use the wonders of redeeming grace-a grace that sweeps all before it, dethroning idols, deflating pride, and depriving sin of its power.

    You’ve tried and failed a thousand times to meet the demands of the law. But now a righteousness from God, apart from the law, has been made known (Romans 3:21). Once you were enslaved to sin, but now you have been set free (Romans 6:22). Once we were controlled by the sinful nature, but now we serve in the new way of the Spirit (Romans 7:6). Once the truth was hidden, but now it has been revealed (Romans 16:26).

    Romans is Christianity’s most influential document. Some parts are hard to understand. But now, in these pages, the bread of life is broken into bit-sized pieces, toasted, buttered, and served with relish. Maybe you always wanted to delve into Romans, but never had the time. But now you have a whole year! Once you had no guide to walk you through the book and explain its deep meaning. But now you do. So spend a few thoughtful moments each day exploring the riches of the gospel.

    Romans changes people. Let it transform you.

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  • Exploring Hebrews : A Devotional Commentary


    Based on a New Original Translation!

    The book of Hebrews explains what Jesus has been doing for Christians since His ascension, and why it matters now. Its bracing message of confidence in God and His promises has motivated millions to persevere in the faith. In this user-friendly devotional commentary author George Knight leads readers, step by step, through one of the most relevant books in the Bible.

    The author draws out the original meaning of the text, then shows how it applies to modern life. The reader will be left with not only an understanding of the major themes and patterns of the book, but a bolder vision of God. “The study of Hebrews,” claims author George Knight, “has changed my life. It will change yours, too.”

    Now you can download an 86 page study guide to print out that will help you with your study of Exploring Hebrews.Click on the link in the title bar to view and print the study guide.

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