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Jesus 101 Radical Discipleship 2 (DVD)


The Jesus 101 Radical Discipleship DVD series is a study of ordinary people accepting extraordinary grace. Discipleship is a reversal of values in life. The early followers of Jesus were ordinary people who accepted extraordinary gifts of grace in their lives. This study of Christ’s disciples and the reversal of values in their lives will inspire the listener to look at the extra-ordinary choices available in their own life.

Topics on DVD 2:

1. Extra-Ordinary Master (Andrew)

2. Extra-Ordinary Insight (Nathanael)

3. Extra-Ordinary Acceptance (Levi Matthew)

4. Extra-Ordinary Calling (Philip)

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SKU (UPC): 643330046098
Elizabeth Talbot | Mike Tucker
Binding: Video DVD
Published: January 2016
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association

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