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Melissa If One Life Devotional Journal


Melissa, If One Life . . . is the beautiful story of an incredible young woman, Melissa Lynn Camp. She loved to study the Bible and she loved to journal. Her journals reveal an intimacy with God that few experience. Melissa’s journals and her love story with Jeremy Camp inspired the movie, I STILL BELIEVE. Many asked, “How can I have a faith like Melissa’s? How can I be strong like Melissa? How can I have a love like Melissa and Jeremy?” This Devotional Journal was written in answer to those questions. You will increase your faith, grow strong in the Lord, and discover supernatural love. This is your journey and your love story.

Melissa If One Life . . . Devotional Journal – Craving Intimacy with God: 30 Devotional Bible Journaling Experiences to Awaken, Nurture and Ignite Your Faith and Intimacy with God. Each experience includes a journal entry from Melissa Camp, a relevant and relatable devotion, printed Scriptures, Bible exercises, reflection questions plus journal and prayer prompts to inspire your own conversations and intimacy with God. Throughout your journal there are Creative Scripture line art illustrations for coloring and creative expression.

Your “Day”: The goal is to connect with God, experience Him, encounter Him. Each Day centers on a specific focus, and each section builds upon the other, drawing you into a conversation with the Lord. This is your experience with God?personal, authentic, one on one with Him.

Devotion: In a personal, relatable way, Melissa’s journal and the devotion will introduce you to the specific focus of the Day. It should awaken your spirit, ignite your faith, and stir your heart in preparation to explore the Word of God.

The Word: Specific portions of Scripture from the Bible are written out for you to explore with exercises and questions to draw you deeper into the heart of God.

Reflection: To enhance your experience with the Word of God, you will reflect on and react to the Scriptures. Questions will help you put into words your reflections, thoughts, and feelings.

Journal: Prompts will guide you in pouring out your heart to the Lord. “Run to take your rightful seat! Pray, walk away amazed and full of worship.” Run into God’s presence!

Prayer: There is a sidebar on this page with Scripture and prayer prompts to guide you in writing out your prayers. This is an extension of your journal pages. The back of your Journal includes additional journal and prayer pages plus pages to record answers to

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SKU (ISBN): 9780578924236
Janette Henning | Melissa Camp
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: IDisciple Publishing


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